Christian August



The Berlin-based artist Christian August (born 1977) creates painterly work that questions his own artist-identity, motives and the work itself.

In the mid-90s, he began to paint walls of the public space and to deal with surfaces, urbanity, and architecture. This enthusiasm as well as spontaneous sketches, photographs from everyday situations and emotions, serve him as a starting point for his work. The goal is to translate his personal view into a detached yet poetic visibility and to unite main subjects such as transience, urbanity, and signs in painting. At the same time, processes of change in urban space are condensed and played back faster – the levels of his pictures often seem like a time-lapse of the street. In addition to these issues of content, composition and materiality are important aspects of his painting.


Interview April 2018


Interview June 2018


Solo Show RECOVERY June 2018